How to Pay with a Card

  • Fill in the booking form. Select the check-in and check-out dates, the accommodation type, and click the “Book” button. Proceed to fill in the fields as required.
  • Before entering your personal data, check the previously specified information.
  • After you confirm the reservation, you will receive a payment request. Payments are effected via the ASSIST electronic payment system, available for Visa, MasterCard and BELCART card holders.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the server of the ASSIST payment system, providing for payment security. These online payments with use of bank cards are totally confidential and safe. It is not our web page where you enter your personal data and the details of your card, but the authorization page of the payment system. Access to the data is via the TLS protocol, providing for communication security, and with use of the secure internet payment technologies, such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureСode. In addition, when processing credit card payments, 3D-Secure technology is used, which is required by international VISA and MasterCard payment system.
  • The payment should cover 100% of the amount due. Once the payment is successfully effected, you will receive an automatic confirmation sent to the e-mail you specified in the booking form. Our strong recommendation is to save the card payment checks, since you might need those to evidence the payment. You cannot effect the payment in a number of transactions, using one or more bank cards.
  • Note that we take no extra charges for money transfers from your card account. For information on possible currency exchange and card transaction charges, contact your Bank.
  • In case you cannot effect the payment immediately for any reason whatsoever, you need to cancel the reservation and use another form for booking via our web site.
  • Should you have any questions as to the payment amount or the booking form, contact us on the phone before you submit the reservation: +375(17)239-77-44.
  • After we receive the payment, we will send a voucher to your e-mail, which is to guarantee your reservation. We might also request payment checks when you check in.
  • In case we fail to receive your payment within three days, we will cancel your reservation.

To read about the payments with BELCART cards of Joint Stock Saving Bank Belarusbank, go here: Payments with BELCART cards of Joint Stock Saving Bank Belarusbank.

* CVV2/CVC2 code is a control number consisting of three digits printed on the back of your card. This number is usually printed in the upper right corner of special signature panel. This number is necessary in order to make sure that the card is used by its true owner.

Reasons for authorization denial

  • not sufficient funds for paying the order;
  • issuing bank imposed a ban on Internet payments;
  • card data input session timed out;
  • failure to confirm the entered data on the payment page, data format error, etc.

Depending on the authorization denial reason, you can deal with the problem in the following way:

  • contact the issuing bank of the Customer for clarifications;
  • if the Bank cannot solve the problem – retry payment using the card issued by another bank./li>

Public Offer Contract

This contract is a public offer. The user shall, individually and directly, engage in the contract with the Public Utility Unitary Hotel Service Enterprise “Stolitsa” Business Center (hereinafter – the Hotel) to book a hotel accommodation under the terms and conditions as specified on the Hotel’s web site. The contract shall come into force as soon as the user completes the online booking procedure. By booking, the user (hereinafter – the Guest) agrees to the terms and conditions of this contract.

The Hotel shall reserve the right to amend this contract as needed. Therefore, by booking and paying, the Guest shall accept the updated or amended contract as of the booking date.

Reservation types and payment terms:

An unguaranteed reservation means we will reserve the accommodation for you till 7 pm on the specified check-in day. Legal persons shall have to submit a letterhead application, signed by an authorized person, sending it by fax: +375 17 204-88-33, or to the e-mail:

A guaranteed reservation means we will reserve the accommodation for you for the entire period you specified in the course of booking. The reservation shall be valid for 24 hours, till 12 am.

Attention! In case you fail to arrive or cancel the reservation less than 24 hours before the specified check-in date, the Hotel will charge a fine at the rate of 100% price per night, and cancel the reservation.

You cannot cancel non-refundable reservations free-of-charge!

To book an accommodation online, individuals are to submit an application form via the Hotel’s web site. To do this, they have to fill in the mandatory fields of the application form and make a payment as appropriate.

Make sure to keep the card checks (confirming the online payment) if you pay with your bank card, so that we could verify those against your card account statement to evidence any disputed transaction.

Cancellation terms:

Making a reservation at the Hotel, the Guest shall accept and agree to the cancellation terms and the terms applicable to non-arrival cases.

If you cancel the reservation on the official website we will reimburse the amount you paid, within the term as specified, to the bank card you used for the payment.

Late cancellations and non-arrivals shall be punishable as specified in the contract (the terms and conditions of a special offer), at the Hotel’s discretion.

The Hotel shall not be liable for any cancellations made by word.

Refunds with actual crediting of money to the Guest’s bank card account can take up to 30 days, depending on the terms and conditions of the interbank processing centers and the banks involved in the transaction. Refunds are made to the same bank card account that was used for the reservation payments!

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